Pay less for clean energy

Take control of your energy costs being a smarter user

Powering sustainable homes and businesses across South Australia

Use more energy when it is clean and affordable

Receive a personalised energy analysis for free

Attach your bill to an email and we will analyse your use and electricity rates.

A simple 3 step method for reducing energy costs

1. Minimise your average cost of energy

The cost of electricity changes across the day. You can minimise your average cost of energy by optimising when you use electricity.

2. Better understand your usage

Unlike ordinary electrical meters, our smart meters help you improve by showing when you use electricity. Don't have one? We will install one for you.

3. Use cleaner electricity

Renewables are less expensive than fossil fuels. We reflect this in our rates so that you save money. We also offset 100% of your electrical carbon emissions.

Choose an electricity plan that gives you control

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SA Sustainable Home Plan
SA Smart Business Plan

Meet one of our happy customers

iO Energy customer since 2021

Affordable renting

Sharon rents, so can't get solar panels. She got around this by asking iO Energy for a smart electrical meter and a time-of-use electrical plan.

Now she pays less for electricity simply by using more of it during the daytime, when it's cleanest.
We’re the generation to change our world, and this is a step in the right direction.
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What they were paying BEFORE

$3,000 per annum


What they are paying NOW

$2,520 per annum

saved $480

per annum