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Pay far less money to use vastly cleaner electricity, with the peace of mind that we will help you improve your energy outcomes.

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A Message From Our Founders.


Last year, we realised that we could help both Australia, and those who call it home.

We realised that we could save many Aussies thousands of dollars a year without them having to spend a cent.

We realised that we could improve future generations' quality of life without asking this generation to pay more.

We realised that we could make Australia an energy superpower without relying on coal and gas exports.

We realised that we had to build IO Energy, and now we have.

Let us tell you just three of the things that make us different as an electricity company.

First, we're not an electricity retailer. Yes, our partner Energy Locals will charge you for electricity and make sure it gets delivered to your home, but our business isn't built on selling electricity. It's built on getting you better energy outcomes. We won't slowly and quietly creep your electricity prices up like our competitors might. In fact, when we see the opportunity we'll do the opposite. We'll LOWER your prices.

Second, we intend to build a business so radically honest that it will only make money by saving you money. Over time you will see us making bigger and bolder guarantees to reduce your risk of joining, and constantly comparing your outcomes to alternatives so that you can rest assured you made the right decision. We don't want you to ever have to go through the painstaking effort of searching for better plans or companies. We will TELL YOU if there is a competitor who can serve you better.

Third, we are going to show you the magic and the future of energy. Reliable access to energy is the difference between wealth and poverty; modernity and history. We will help make the complex seem simple, and help you understand how to: save money, use more renewables, and make this country an energy superpower. We will EMPOWER Australia.

This country deserves better and we are putting our personal fortunes on the line to bring it to you. Thank you for helping us achieve it.


Luke Morton

Rob Morris

Our Approach.


The Future of Energy.

Renewables are radically reshaping our electricity grid. Solar and wind are now the lowest cost forms of energy. We help you save by accessing renewables through the grid at low cost.


We're Not Like the Others.

Most energy companies make more money when you spend more money. We're not like them. We make more money when you save more money, so we do everything we can to help you save.

Making Sense of Energy.

Do you know how the energy industry actually works? Competitors power your home but leave you in the dark! We illuminate and explain, to get you better outcomes.


Creating Future Customer Value.

You're going to need a place to put the money you save. We will help you reinvest that money into other solutions that save and even MAKE you money on energy.