About Us

We are a fully South Australian owned and operated business. And we're on a mission.

Our Story

We have partnered up with Energy Locals to provide reliable energy to your home. However, our business is built to get you better energy outsomes. We actively look for opportunities to lower your energy prices.

After all, we are energy for South Australia, made by South Australia.

Sustainability - The Heart of What We Do

Renewable energy is radically reshaping our energy usage and it is here now. We are going to show you the magic and future of energy. We are here to help you make the complex seem simple and help you understand how to save money, use more renewables and make this country an energy superpower. Together, we will empower Australia.

Our Approach


The Future of Energy.

Renewables are radically reshaping our electricity grid. Solar and wind are now the lowest cost forms of energy. We help you save by accessing renewables through the grid at low cost.


We're Not Like the Others.

Most energy companies make more money when you spend more money. We're not like them. We make more money when you save more money, so we do everything we can to help you save.

Making Sense of Energy.

Do you know how the energy industry actually works? Competitors power your home but leave you in the dark! We illuminate and explain, to get you better outcomes.


Creating Future Customer Value.

You're going to need a place to put the money you save. We will help you reinvest that money into other solutions that save and even MAKE you money on energy.

Meet the Team

Luke Morton, Co-Founder

“We see the opportunity to help Australians take advantage of the future of energy in a way that others won't. It excites me to be part of a company that is going to help households get better outcomes. Choose us, and we'll work hard to help you get the best”

Rob Morris, Co-Founder

“We've put our energy into creating retail plans that will help you save money, and the planet. We're passionate about what we're doing, and we hope you love it as much as we do.”

Peter Morris, Executive Director

“It is now clear that renewable energy is not just necessary for a healthy planet but is by far the cheapest form of power. I am proud to be part of the only energy company offering serious and workable plans to make the transition as smooth as possible for energy consumers”

Now is the time for action
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