How to save

Smart meters, 'load shifting,' and home batteries

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Understand time-of-use prices

A time-of-use billing/tariff means that the price of electricity changes at different times of the day. Homes pay more for grid electricity during times of day when demand tends to be high ('peak'), and less when demand is usually low ('off-peak' and 'shoulder').

Time-of-use billing can save money by running appliances and devices when electricity is cheaper – i.e. during the off-peak times (when electricity is at its cheapest – usually overnight) and shoulder times (when electricity rates are in between – usually occurring just before and after peak times).

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13% less than the Reference Price.


flat rate

 Smart Meter

 Time-of-use changes

30 cents per kWh

 Uses 76% clean energy

Cheaper & Cleaner

11% less than the Reference Price.


time-of-use rates

 Smart Meter

 Time-of-use charges

As low as 12 cents per kWh

 Get cleaner power cheaper

Cheaper, Cleaner, Smarter

13% less than the Reference Price.


advanced time-of-use rates

 Smart Meter

 Time-of-use charges

As low as 8 cents per kWh

 Much cleaner & cheaper power

Install a smart meter

Every home has an electricity meter, but only 20% of South Australians have smart meters. Smart meters are digital devices that measure and time your energy use. They not only measure how much electricity you use, but also when. They automatically and remotely send this information back to us, removing the need to provide meter readers access to your home.

Smart meters can also do other things remotely, like allow the electricity supply to be remotely switched on and off without the need for a field technician, measure the power quality at your premises and notify your electricity distributor when the power goes out.



Consider installing a home battery

Many people are a natural fit for time-of-use pricing, and can easily adjust the time that they use different appliances. But a home battery system can guarantee that you are an excellent fit for time-of-use pricing. We recommend almost every customer with a home battery system sign up to our most advanced time-of-use electricity plans.

Home battery systems might literally save you thousands of dollars a year by charging with energy when electricity prices are low and discharging that energy when electricity prices are high. This can be done on a daily, and you do not require rooftop solar panels to do so.

Take advantage of government rebates (while you still can!)

With large subsidies on the cost of a battery and low interest finance available if needed, there has never been a better time to invest in solar and a battery for your home.

IO Energy does not sell or install home battery systems, however, we can refer you to accredited home battery installers who understand how to pair batteries to best effect with time-of-use pricing.

Making the most out of something..

Energy Saving

One of the largest energy expenses in a home is heating and cooling air.

This is because air conditioners are very energy hungry and are typically run in the afternoon during peak demand periods.

But you can run your air conditioners and heaters during the day to 'pre-cool' and 'pre-heat' your home. The better insulated your home is the better this will work.

You can do this with timer switches, or by installing a smart device that you can intelligently and remotely control.

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