A whole new way to get solar and batteries

We will design and install your solar system for free, buy it for you, and provide continual service and maintenance for as little as the cost of a daily coffee.

Industry-leading installers
We've reviewed CEC accredited installers across Australia and picked the best in the industry.
Instant financial returns
Don't wait 5-10 years to pay off your system. Be cashflow positive from Day One.
Built to last
We offer only the best hardware, and include lifetime service and maintenance at no extra cost.

A better way to pay for solar and batteries

Buying a solar system leaves you with less money to invest in your business or home, takes years to break even, and leaves you with the financial risk of having to repair damage and replace components. Paying as you save leaves you with more disposable income, makes your system cashflow positive from day one, and removes financial risk.

Install the solar system you need

Don't be sold more than you need. We'll custom design a solar system to meet your property's individual energy needs, and won't increase your costs by oversizing the system.

We'll pay for your solar system

We will design and install your solar and battery system for free, buy it for you, and provide ongoing service and maintenance for the cost of a daily coffee.

Available to both residences and businesses, cashflow positive from day 1, with no upfront or hidden costs.

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